Cedar run

The Carport

With a 30 by 50 foot garage you would think we had enough space. Naaaaaa. We wanted to keep Bessie indoors so figured we needed a good place for the explorer and its trailer. So, we added a small carport on the side of the garage.


Cleared Area

The first thing we discovered was that the ground was nowhere as level as we thought it was. We had a load of crush and run delivered. The box blade and regular blade on the tractor were no match for a four foot high pile of dirt and gravel. Soooo, we shoveled over half of it over a wider area by hand and then used the tractor to level it. Then we built a special rig that basically gave us a 12 by 4 foot, 2 dimensional level.





A friend gave us the suggestion to use cinder block to level both sides rather than diging or filling.





It worked! The 12 by 26 foot area was level and the carport went in without a hitch in March of 2008.