Cedar run

The chicken Run

In our first year here, we experienced the joys of country living including a wealth of ticks, chiggers, and lots of other insects who shared our homestead. Hundreds of bites later plans "hatched" to add a flock of Johnston County Bug Eaters to our family.             


Mound of Dirt

The first thing we had to do was level a large hill of dirt next to the garage. Andy had to learn how to run a Bobcat and level out the dirt. By the way, did you know that a redneck's last words are "Hey Bubba, watch this."


Chicken Run Cleared


It sure looked a lot different when we got done.


Druid Circle


We added a druid circle to showcase daylilies and crepe myrtles as well as add a turning circle for the driveway.



Chicken House


One of our closest friends went into the shed building business so we asked him to build the chicken house.



Expanded Chicken RunOver time, we found that the chickens are "very interested" in every freshly tailored flower bed and newly planted bulb. So.....to preserve the gardens, and Karen's sanity, we expanded the chicken run to more than twice its size, added some shade, and some more doors. Now we have them safely contained as well as protected from predators.


Chicken House


To provide shade and predator protection, Andy installed a corrugated roof over much of the run. That gave us an idea...Gutters, tank, and automatic waterer installed...the rains provide enough water so we never need to get the chickens water, although it does need to be cleaned up from them dipping their dirty beaks and in winter it can freeze solid.