Cedar run

The Garden Shed

Finding a good deal on a pre-fab storage building, we added a Garden Shed to the Cedar Run village. Equipped with a solar-panel fan, it's a great place to store chemicals and fertilizers and other garden equipment. Naturally, it's painted in "village" colors - Cougar Brown with white trim and Segovia Red doors.


Garden Shed

The instructions for the shed said it could be assembled in 2-1/2 hours. Um, yeah, right! We managed to complete all but the final roofing in one very long day. Did we mention, the heat index topped 115 degrees that day? We waited until the next day (June 25, 2010), in the relative 80 degree cool of the morning, to finish roofing.




Garden Shed SolarAfter installing a more powerful fan to keep the hen house cooler, we moved our solar powered fan to the garden shed. It gets quite a few hours of sunlight each day and the fan does a nice job of pulling out the smell of chemicals and fertilizers (July 3, 2010).