Cedar run

The Hoop House

With a goal of growing something to eat 365 days a year, we sought a way to successfully grow in the winter. Research led us to hoop houses. We had the east property line cleared south from the Apiary and erected a 20' wide by 32' long PVC-framed hoop house. Roll-up sides, irrigation system and fans for ventilation, it should make a great cool-season growing site. During the summer, the interior heat should help clear disease and insects from the soil.


Uncleared Dogleg

In February 2010, south of the Apiary, we decided to have the area down the fence line cleared. Called the Dogleg, we plan it to be an extension of the growing area for vegetables, fruits, and berries.





Cleared DoglegUsing an excellent local land clearing company, they came in and pulled trees and graded the land level. To accommodate runoff from the neighbors, they installed a berm next to the fence, and to prevent runoff on the dogleg, they put a drainage pipe to allow water to flow to the creek. It looks great. As soon as it was done we raced out to sow grass seed by hand to beat the erosion. We just finished before it rained.


Hoop House Framing

Once we anchored 18 pieces of rebar to support the PVC, we then used 1/2" PVC to prevent strain from the rebar and then placed 30 foot long, 1" PVC ribs over these stakes to make the shell of the house. Karen's mom and stepdad spent several days in the blistering heat helping us frame in the hoop house to make it very sturdy.



Finished Hoop House


For the Fourth of July 2010, we now have a beautiful area to grow cool season vegetables as soon as we get power to the fans and water for the plants.



Hoop House Rolled Up Sides


The sides are designed to roll up for ventilation.