Cedar run


In November 2008, we started clearing a heavily overgrown area for the “West Pasture”. Rather than cutting down all the trees, we thinned the forest on this 1/3 acre, leaving larger trees of varying species. These before, heavily-weeded, and after, thinning cleared, pictures don’t do justice to the heavy work that took a toll on humans, chainsaws and Bessie the tractor, all of which sustained damage in the effort (all reparable).


Pasture Before


This view is what the west frontage looked like before we started clearing it.



Pasture After


It looked a lot different after we cleared trees and more cat-claw, poison ivy and other nasties than we care to remember


Pasture Fenced


Fenced in February 2009, we start building a small pole barn in the heat and humidity of July. Looks shady below, but it's in full sun most of the day. Even summer forage grows slowly in this heat.



Barn Front


Labor Day, 2009, we're really pleased with the final result, with lights and fan for ventilation, shelf for storage, and windows on four sides.



Lean To


June 9, 2010, we added a lean-to extension with an open side on the west where livestock can escape the weather and sun. We again installed gutters, stock tank, and float waterer to supply constant water for the goats and old chickens who now inhabit the west pasture.