Cedar run


A very important aspect of Cedar Run to Andy and Karen is the ability travel throughout the 10.4 acres. So a trail was built.




The trail travels the perimeter of the property and is passable by foot, hoof and ATV... even in the snow!



Cedar Run Sign



A gift of signs from Ginger Fonde mark interesting points along the trails. Run Cedar Run is the start of the perimeter trail from the east. Picnic Point is a rest stop overlooking Goose Creek branch. Land's End Loop is at the end of Woods Road and winds down, past the deerstand, to the south perimeter trail. As you walk down the west perimeter trail, Bamboo Bend encourages you to take a left or else you end up on the creek (notice the stand of bamboo growing nearby).


Picnic Point Land's End Loop Bamboo Bend




The Perimeter Trail is marked by clay diamond on white background trail markers.