Cedar run

The woodShed

We've stored firewood in a couple of different ways over the years... outdoors, exposed to the elements, and a tarp covered enclosure. Both proved to be inefficient, so we constructed a more permanent structure, large enough to store firewood, hay for our growing livestock population, the cold frame and a couple pieces of equipment. Painted the same color as the other buildings in the Cedar Run "village", it now looks nice and makes a very fine storage building. We can even drive the ATV through it to move firewood and hay.


Woodshed Before

The tarp covered structure only lasted 2 seasons under the blistering North Carolina sun. In early 2010, we noticed the tarp had many rips and tears, so much so that the interior was wet every time it rained. Time for something a little bit sturdier and more permanent.



Woodshed AfterA new 20' long by 16' wide shed-roofed structure was built on June 9-10, 2010. Ample room inside, it has a pass-through center aisle wide enough to run the ATV through. Applying the Cougar Brown exterior was our first use of the new power sprayer. What a kick! Karen had the whole thing painted in about 15 minutes. Her excitement led her to wonder how the trees, grass and dog would look in brown.


Woodshed Sign

With Cedar Run cedar we had milled, we create small signs for each of the buildings in the "Village". Here's the sign on the woodshed.